Microsoft DevOps Solutions AZ-400 || Exam Guide

If we want to store and access our Data how can we be going to do it? If we want to play a game or if we want to get huge files from someone and we do not have appropriate memory to store it and don’t have much amount to buy it how can we… Continue reading Microsoft DevOps Solutions AZ-400 || Exam Guide

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International Yoga Day is being celebrated around the world this year on a virtual platform on June 21. International Yoga Day is observed on June 21st every year to spread awareness about the health benefits of Yoga. This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is being celebrated around the world on a virtual platform. The… Continue reading yoga

Quality That Makes You Unique

What is the quality that makes you and anyone unique?    If I were to answer this question, I would say “Attitude”. It applies to every sphere of life, including one’s personal and professional life. Can a student be a good student without a good attitude? Can parents, teachers, salespeople, employers, or employees be good… Continue reading Quality That Makes You Unique

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Algorithms Everywhere

‘You are just a click away!’ This is the most common sentence you may often listen to. As we all know accuracy, speed, security are key factors for any application. These factors are well maintained by Algorithms. What are these algorithms? In simple terms, Algorithm is a set of steps in the procedure to follow… Continue reading Algorithms Everywhere

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A Musical Note

A musical note What’s the 1st thing you probably do while you are on a road trip with your pals, or at a gym, in a window seat of a train, car, or a bus, or when you are bored? Your hands reach to plug in the earphones or the speaker to play music. Think… Continue reading A Musical Note


In earlier times, there were very less girls or women involved in STEM because of the restricted thinking of individuals which led to female feticide, female infanticide, and the thought that women should be restricted to a home being housewives, cooking food, taking care of children rather follow their dream and work for the development… Continue reading WOMEN IN STEM


In olden times, oil was considered as gold but now data is gold. Security is achieving something in the presence of adversaries. Data security is our priority and the need of the organization as well as individuals. Ethical hacking is the hacking performed to recognize the vulnerabilities in computer system security, networks of any organization.… Continue reading ETHICAL HACKING: THE NEED OF THE HOUR

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Immortal Cells

The Immortal Cells                                       Use of human biospecimens for clinical research had always  remained challenging as it requires huge population of identical cells that survive long enough to study the progression of a disease. The  idea of growing… Continue reading Immortal Cells


KOMBUCHA- ANOTHER GIFT OF FERMENTATION                              Although some of us might be hearing this word for the first  time, this fermented, non-alcoholic, tea-based, beverage existed  since the 200 BC and its market is estimated to grow at a CAGR  of 24.43% within… Continue reading Kombucha


“Tobacco”   Tobacco, common name of several plants in the Nicotiana genus and Solanaceae family, first discovered by the native people of Mesoamerica and South America. It was brought to India by the Portuguese around 400 years ago. It had been in use since as early as 5000-3000 BC for recreational and medicinal purposes and… Continue reading Tobacco

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