‘You are just a click away!’ This is the most common sentence you may often listen to. As we all know accuracy, speed, security are key factors for any application. These factors are well maintained by Algorithms. What are these algorithms? In simple terms, Algorithm is a set of steps in the procedure to follow to get desired output from a given input.



Algorithm should give the correct output and then we work on its efficiency. It is independent of the programming language. These are also helpful in studying the working of the application and in debugging.


Problems solved by algorithms:

  1. A large amount of data on the internet is managed and manipulated with the help of clever algorithms. Be it finding good routes on which the data will travel and using a search engine to quickly find pages on which particular information resides.
  2.  Assigning crews to flights in the least expensive way possible, determining where to place additional resources of a manufacturing company or service providers. 



Personal recommendations in our favorite application and finding the shortest distance between two places are also dependent on algorithms.



This way manufacturing and other commercial enterprises allocate scarce resources wisely using algorithms that are efficient in terms of time or space. Hardware design, GUI design, and network applications also heavily rely on algorithms. 


A more efficient algorithm is implemented against a less efficient one. Having a solid base of algorithmic knowledge and technique is one characteristic that separates truly skilled programmers from novices. With modern computing technology, you can accomplish some tasks without knowing much about algorithms, but with a good background in algorithms, you can do much, much more.


By – Sravanitha Gatti

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