In olden times, oil was considered as gold but now data is gold. Security is achieving something in the presence of adversaries. Data security is our priority and the need of the organization as well as individuals. Ethical hacking is the hacking performed to recognize the vulnerabilities in computer system security, networks of any organization. It consists of finding and trying to exploit vulnerabilities to identify the possible unauthorized access possible.

It is the need of the hour as the technological advancement these days leads to many threats to security risks of sensitive data its use, disclosure, disruption, modification to provide the CIA triad i.e., confidentiality, integrity, availability. In such a scenario ethical hacking is much needed as it reduces the chance of succeeding in any such attacks. An ethical hacker is allowed to break into the system with the consent of the owner to evaluate vulnerabilities and to work on the counterparts to make the system safer from malicious attacks. They need to follow the specific rules so that they don’t lose their license and commit a felony. Ethical hackers cannot keep the data for their personal uses. Cybersecurity experts are needed to have some sort of skills like malware analysis, programming knowledge to fight the threat, think like a hacker, intrusion detection, penetration testing, network security, identity, risk analysis, cloud security, and other cyber governance skills.

According to a recent study in US:

After the death of George Floyd, the outrage that struck on the streets of Minneapolis, a familiar presence returned to our news feeds The Guy Fawkes-masked face of Anonymous. The online hacktivists collective video EXPOSE THE MANY CRIMES in the Minneapolis Police Department. After that, they exposed files on Trump’s child trafficking.

In the end, I would like to conclude that with the increase in security due to ethical hacking the security experts can also enjoy great success in their career as the companies like Wipro, Infosys, IBM, TCS are employing ethical hackers and are paying good perks to them even more than other IT sectors. Ethical hacking is a very tenacious job to do though is also very challenging in the ever-changing technological environment of this world and there is a lot of data stored in cloud storage that can be stolen by hackers who try to break into the system.

– by Vedika Mishra

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