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Finding a community who share the same concern can be incredibly cathartic and ultimately feel you less alone . So don’t be afraid to seek out a support network and share how you feel because the chances are someone else around you will be feeling exactly the same way.

what we do?

LetsGrowMore is a ground-based organisation that aims at building the future through nourishing the present. We at LetsGrowMore believe in making our youth especially the students self-aware and exploring the untouched world of technology and tremendous growth-making fields and our belief finally took us where we are standing today. Today we are an officially MSME registered start-up with nearly 100+ people working under the same establishment.

Our members should be given opportunities:

 To enhance their understanding and appreciation of diversity.
 To provide service within the community
 To allow members to gain personal and professional skills in the area of leadership development.
 To be leaders in the organization.
 To become better leaders in their families or personal lives as they develop skills to better manage their own lives.
To build an active partnership with fellow colleges, and organizations in an effort to enhance an inclusive, outreaching, and growing multicultural community.
 To Support and encourage students to explore their multiple identities.
 To provide convenient, up-to-date services to meet current needs of the community.
 To provide leisure learning, continuing education courses for the campus and community.


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First you have to fill our opportunity form. You can fill it by simply clicking on the heading.


Shortlisting and Interview Scheduling

After receiving the form we go through the resume and shortlist the worthy candidate, and then that candidate has to go through an interview process.


Welcome to the Community

After the interview process, selected candidate becomes a part of our community.

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