Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: The Future of Locomotion


It all started in the 15th century when Leonardo Da Vinci created designs and models for transport vehicles. Thanks to Karl Benz for his invention of the first three-wheeled automobile powered by an internal combustion engine in 1885 followed by Daimler and Maybach in 1886. These inventions led to a revolution in the automobile industry, and since then we have never looked back.

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche’s hybrid engine concept developed in the 1890s was implemented to develop an AEV (All-Electric Vehicle) and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle). 

AEV is a vehicle that uses one or more traction motors for propulsion. The vehicle is powered through a collector system from an off-vehicle source or a self-contained source. Electric vehicles are classified as BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) based on the self-contained sources. Apart from electrical grid recharge, they are charged in part by regenerative braking, which generates electricity from the energy usually lost while applying brakes. AEVs run up to 80-100 miles on a single charge. When the battery depletes it takes up to 30 minutes to recharge fully. 

PHEV is a hybrid vehicle whose battery is recharged by its onboard internal combustion engine-powered generator or by plugging a charging cable into an external power source. They are similar to AEV and largely emission-free or have an overall lower emission intensity than an individual internal combustion engine. PHEVs also employ a regenerative braking mechanism to generate electricity. It runs on electricity for a short range of 6-40 miles then switches over to the internal   combustion engine when the battery exhausts.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are referred to as the silver linings of the automobile industry due to their highly efficient performance and low impact on nature. The engineers from various R&D institutions across the nations are working towards improving the EV standards to accommodate the needs of every human being and make them affordable to all. And no sooner the Electric Vehicles will rule over the roads across nations. And that’s

“The Future of Locomotion”.


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