Since our childhood, we are taught to go with the right choice. From the choice of dress and choice of chocolates to the choice of subjects and the choice of career. 

The word choice plays a vital role in a human being’s life from his birth to death. Some choices taken wrongly will allow you to correct them in the long run, BUT there are a few ones that will leave you suffering throughout the long run. 

And one among them is sleep. Night’s sleep is obligatory. The choice arises during the day i.e., Microsleep or Micro nap.


           It is caused by extreme fatigue when you do not get enough sleep, parts of your brain can shut down for a few seconds while you are still awake it’s like a forced nap. Not surprisingly microsleeps can be dangerous and even fatal. For instance, during microsleep, the driving performance deteriorates without the person realizing it and may end up in a fatal accident. 

Micro nap: 

           It is a sleep episode as short as 6 – 10 minutes which is enough to significantly boost memory performance. If you are flagging during the day then taking a micro nap will likely perk you up and increase your productivity for the rest of the day. It is also referred to as Siesta or the power nap. 

And now it’s your choice whether to suddenly drowse down due to lack of sleep while at work leading to fatal injuries or else take a break to have a power nap and come back energetic and enthusiastic.

As the wrong choice of sleep may lead to fatal situations in the same way wrong choices in your life may also lead to a fatal situation. So now it lies in your hand to make wise choices to excel in your life.



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