Projects 2021

“Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent.”

Hacking Script

Hacking Scripts contains amazing and awesome scripts written in Python, JavaScript, Java, Nodejs, and more. The main aim of the repository will be to provide utility scripts that might make everyday life easy.


Athavani/Memories is a full-stack MERN Tool built in order to save all your memories in a single place and rejoice them through the years.


RUDRA is a responsive web application for Police and Public Assistance. Through the platform, both the police and public can manage their work easily and efficiently.

SVCE Mobile

It is a Flutter App for Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering , with Multiple Functionalities


A project for bringing all interview and competative programming question under one repo

The main aim of the project is help many other students that are prepare for interview this contains various questions of Hackerrank, Codechef Data Structures and Algorithms Etc. Simple if you practice on online judges like codechef or any other like gfg you can add questions on this repo.

Jar Chatting Web App

Jar web app is a chatting application which let’s you connect through your peers across the globe.

Tech stacks – nodejs, express, mongodb, nosql, socketio, pug, css.


Recognition of faces by different algorithms and frameworks. Despite a variety of open-source

face recognition frameworks available, there was no ready-made solution to implement. So In this project all kind of algorithms are implemented and even with various operations that can be implemented in a frontal face. The available algorithms processed only high-resolution static shots and performed insufficiently.


A library to To explore DNA concepts in dept for both medical and Research purpose.
Features And Aim: Vision to form library Could visualize the DNA structure with few lines of code It calculates Various scores related to DNA( like G-C score, protein score, etc) Could also be used for research purpose Could also be used for Medical purpose


An end to end machine learning project to detect foliar diseases in apple trees.


The project aims at providing machine learning predictions for various disease like diabetes, heart, cancer with the help of mobile application.

Awesome Portfolio Websites

An open-source project aimed at providing a full-fledged template that anyone can use to build
and put out their website within an hour! We take care of the SEO and the boring stuff behind your personal portfolio so that you can focus on building your projects.


A platform for music lovers Live - https://nilisha-jais.github.io/Musicophilia/ Video Demo - https://youtu.be/D8yykcH3j2U

Movie Streaming Website

A movie streaming website that allows users to watch any movie and web series of their
choice from multiple genres and categories. Consists of multiple pages of each genre, also a sign up page. Very simple and easy project for beginners starting their open source journey. Large scope of improvement and addition of new features. Tech stack : HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Voters Registration Portal

A demo of voters registration form. It is an online website that allows Indian citizens
to register themselves as a voter. Teck stack used in this project is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Multiple features like zoom in/zoom out, switch language etc. A simple and easy project for beginners with scope for improving website and adding more amazing features.

Income Tax Calculator

GUI (Graphical User Interface) application to calculate the liable tax of a salaried person.
This application aims at providing a user-friendly approach to calculate the payable tax without digging into complex details and calculations. This income tax calculator helps user to manage their taxes and choose the best suitable tax regime (old or new). This calculator gives user the opportunity to check how much they can save by opting one tax system over the other. Tech stack : This application is built using Tkinter python.

Dictu Playground

A web based coding playground for the open source language Dictu. The playground has options
for both REPL and complete file based execution. The backend is in NodeJS and Express run on Docker. The frontend is in React with xterm.js for the terminals.


Markdown. files are the standard format of documentation by GitHub, bucket.io and many open source initiatives.
The project delivers user with potential features of WYSIWYG tools and markdown files. This is an inspiration from Facebook Rich-text-editing Draft.js and Github Flavoured Readme. This project is focused on solution to maintain large documentation of their project without a need to look for markdown file previewer and garbage commits at Github . It is an integration MARKDOWN FILE PREVIEWER.

Codeflow website

An opensource community website for hackathons , opensource programs various events and much more .

Banking WebApp

Web Java Application with the concept of no cost EMI is introduced to purchase
different products using AngularJS and Spring Boot Web Java Application with the concept of no cost EMI is introduced to purchase different products using AngularJS and Spring Boot

Rotten Scripts

“Rotten Scripts contains amazing and awesome scripts written in Python, JavaScript,
Bash, Powershell, and more. Consider this repository as your personal space to find or add any new script that can make life easier for us and the Open Source community too, as a Developer, and find a utility of coding to burst out of boredom. Get started with coding exhilarating scripts that you can use to download PDFs from an Online Source or just to randomly like everyone’s Instagram Post.

Detection of Plant Disease

“Getting affected by a disease is very common in plants due to various

factors such as fertilizers, cultural practices followed, environmental conditions, etc. These diseases hurt agricultural yield and eventually the economy based on it.

Any technique or method to overcome this problem and getting a warning before the plants are infected would aid farmers to efficiently cultivate crops or plants, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Thus, disease detection in plants plays a very important role in agriculture.
Image Processing, TensorFlow, Keras and MatplotLib is used for making the project while Machine Learning is used for training the PlantVillage data-set .”


Do you feel lazy and uninterested when there’s no one for you to work out with?
Do you fail to keep a track of your workouts and need guidance? Then fitmate is the perfect place for you! Find your ideal workout partner according to your preferences and interact with your partner whenever you want! Take timed challenges updated daily to suit your needs, read blogs about health and lifestyle, and be a part of numerous communities too! During these covid times, partner with your fitmate in order to achieve your goals at home!


A discord bot that collects and analyzes form data submitted by users


Doc2Pen is the 1 stop shop for getting all your "handmade" assignments ready for submission digitally.


An open-source document scanner


A unique flutter application aimed at helping people getting their vitals using
Photoplethysmography and Computer Vision techniques. Starting off as a free alternative to pulse meter we plant to expand over the upcoming days into a full fledged, personal healthcare app supported by open source community

Makes Math Easy

“This project aims to provide stepwise solutions to Various Math Problems.

Aiming to create a webapp along with library, written purely in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and this project is also used by one of Company named MathsGee in Africa for their educational programs across Africa.This project is also got selected in GSSOC’21, with a more than good response by contributors.”

Eccentric Touch

Eccentric Touch


Mirage-UI is a set of easily accessible, reusable, and composable

design components and animations that make it super easy to improve the user experience of your websites and applications.


WordNook is a dynamically updating blogging website to upload articles and blog posts on various topics, developed using ejs template engine and node js in the backend.


uses the freely available SpacexAPI and basic HTML CSS and JS to give details of missions spacexlaunchdata.herokuapp.com


Desgen is an open-source project dedicated to developing innovative designs through the latest UX/UI technologies
to sketch your ideas onto the latest devices and platforms. Most of the open-source organization and platforms have Web Development, Android Development, ML, etc, but ever wonder any organization or project which is completely dedicated to solving real-world problems related to UI? Think about designing a wireless garden management system, or a smart video management system!! In Desgen we have a mission to bring meaningful changes in people’s lives, we thrive every day to enable simpler solutions to the most complicated challenges.


A discord bot to educate people about the Stock Market and Crypto Market,
also a general purpose bot with other functionalities such as Reddit posts, a built in Pokedex, getting pictures of people that dont exist. You can play games like rock paper scissors and Hangman with the bot too.

VCallZer - Anonymous video caller

Project built under Winter of Code 1.0 by DSC IIIT Kalyani that facilitates
anonymity while connected over a video call, by concealing the face using masking by Helen Dataset as well as modulating the voice using PyAudio.

Awesome JavaScript Projects

This is the project for all beginners who want to hands on web development
and want to make mini project using vanilla javascript only. Till now we have more than 60+ mini projects in this repo.


CS-Hut, a website made using ReactJS provides some good resources including
YouTube links, websites, github links, etc. to learn Computer Science technologies such as Programming Languages, Frameworks, etc. and create projects. This project is available for open source contribution, especially for beginners who are finding some good first issues to contribute as they can make their contribution in the resources for this site. The people who know frontend development in ReactJS can also contribute to the UI of this website.

Awesome Python Scripts

This project is a collection of all awesome python scripts. It would be a one stop place
for all the projects. Issues are of easy and medium level. I have started this project specifically to encourage new comers to explore python. I had seen good amount of enthusiasm coming up from pythoneers to add their contributions. Reason to make this repository, is to guide and help contributors enjoy and explore their open souce journey.

Hand on ML Basic to Advance

“This project contains topics to become a expert in Machine leaning with code
in python Ex, Statistics, Algebra, Probabilty , Machine learning algorithms(from scratch ), Seaborn & Matplotlib and many more. This project contains structured material with code (from verified Resoures). It may help a person to become a Data analyst, Machine learning Engineer, Data scientist… I”

Kidney Exchange

“Let’s say a person wants to donate his/her kidney to a loved one but cannot do so
because they have some medical incompatibility. This problem can be solved by curating similar patients and swapping the kidney within themselves. This problem is called the living donor kidney exchange problem, and in most places of India, doctors solve it manually. This project aims to automate a part of this process. This project’s primary focus is to provide a platform to facilitate automized inter-hospital kidney transplants. This platform allows interested hospitals to register their information. The doctors from the registered hospitals can create their accounts and add their patients’ (having kidney problems) medical details to this platform. These details are stored in a MySQL database using PHP. After a doctor completes this process, this platform provides two main features. The first feature is an option to view only the essential details of a patient required for a kidney transplant. Second, for a given patient, all suitable matches from this and other registered hospitals are displayed. These suitable matches are ranked from best match to bad match.”


It’s a button based component library which will be having various
categories of buttons (both functional and method based) which can be used by Frontend Developers.

Project Zone

Project-Zone web-app suggests the user about the projects he/she can create
based on the skills he/she can choose. Like if we learn some new tech, we always search for beginner projects in node, intermediate projects in ReactJs, and so on. For this, we have to explore a lot on google and YouTube to get the projects. So, if we have all these projects in one place it will be very much easy for a developer beginner to find project ideas. We have the categories from beginner to startup level project ideas we have an option to add a new project. Our app is in its initial stage, we will improve it a lot.

Covid19 Cases Prediction

Creating a Machine Learning Project using Supervised Learning technique to predict the number of cases of covid in upcoming days.


“Application to aid and provide refuge for stray animals and dogs by connecting them and helpful people.On the application,
two types of people can be registered: one who can provide the location and condition of a nearby stray, and another who can provide information and arrange shelter and food for them. Django and bootstrap are incorporated into the application and will require authentication and establishment of profiles and positioning using maps. “


“This kart showcases the finest collection of all projects based on machine learning, deep learning, computer vision,
natural language processing and everything. The main aim is to provide an efficient and beginner-friendly projects that would help all in mastering the ML/AI algorithms and make them familiar. “


A payment integrated donation website.
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