Life On Mars

As majority of us already know about the perseverance rover launched to mars by NASA in 2020 did a successful landing and is already helping collect crucial data. So we’ll see some of the findings of the rover that reduced the work of humans greatly, so basically the rover is like a complete lab on wheels it has sample collecting spaces, cameras, sensors and almost anything that could fit in that form factor. Funnily the first thing we asked the rover to do was to click a selfie ; ). Coming back to the point, the rover till date collected many samples of the soil and other stuff and also clicked many photos of essential data some of them are here,



When the samples, that the rover found were examined, we came to know that mars though not very fertile but is still healthy and habitable. Since we know that mars was once a very habitable planet just like earth therefore it had water sources and the proof of the same was collected by the rover. The rover also found some weird spider like things like these,


But on examining it deeply one of our old theories came back to existence, that theory was known as Kieffer’s hypothesis, named after Hugh Kieffer formerly of the US Geological Survey, centered on the idea that the sun would cause the ground under blocks of dry ice to heat up, eventually sublimating the dry ice it is in contact with.  Pressure would then build up in the ice block, eventually rupturing it and allowing the gas to escape.  The quick escape of the gas then forms the dendritic pattern characteristic of spiders in the dust of the Martian surface. The only problem with this theory, which has been widely accepted in the scientific community, is that it was never demonstrated experimentally.  Coverage of the Martian surface is not continuous enough to be able to catch an ice block in the act of sublimating.  Therefore, the theory, though widely accepted, was never truly proven.

To conclude, the perseverance rover is a very crucial piece of machine for the human kind which will provide us with important data regarding the red planet and with the efforts of Mr. Elon Musk and other ambitious, smart and dedicated people we could be able to start a life on the red planet and try not to ruin it as well like our beloved home earth


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