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Hello Everyone👋, This Saturday we have a big surprise coming for all of you 🤩🤩 Looking for practice in web development or want to sharpen your skills in core JavaScript? LetsGrowMore presents:~ A session on JavaScript from zero - hero ‼️ What you will get? 🤔💭 We will cover the following concepts of JavaScript ⭐ JavaScript and its use ⭐ Inline and external JavaScript ⭐ Variables ⭐ Constants ⭐ Data Types ⭐ Objects ⭐ Arrays ⭐ Concatenation ⭐ Arrow Function ⭐ forEach ⭐ Map ⭐ Filter ⭐ Reduce ⭐ Document Object Model(DOM) ⭐ Sync vs Async ⭐ Scope ⭐ Json in JavaScript Certificate for everyone who attend the event 😍😍 The Sessions will be on:- 🗓️ 10 July 2021 Speaker: Tejas Sudhir Tapas https://www.linkedin.com/in/tejas-sudhir-tapas-971847171/ Timings 5 PM - 6:30 PM


About The Event

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💭Date: 10 July 2021, 5 PM onwards

🎙️Speaker: Tejas Sudhir Tapas

Venue: http://letsgrowmore.in/live

About Speaker: Full Stack Developer


This is the time to explore the world of technology. So, don’t sit ideal to just give it a glance.

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