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Introduction to Open Source and LGM-SoC

Join the LGM – SoC and unleash the savage coder in you into the world of open-source. “Out of limitations comes Creativity” and  programming is logic-based creativity. Still Thinking !!…What are you waiting for ?? Only few days left.

Career Guidance Program by Aman Kesarwani

Acing the SDE Internship at Amazon

Build a Basic Portfolio using VS Code and Deploy in GitHub using Git

A Session on developing a project on “Build a Basic Portfolio using VS Code & Deploy in Github using Git”. It is going to be beginner-friendly and we are going to build it from scratch using HTML & CSS. Speaker: Aman Kesarwani – Alpha Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Key Takeaways: 1.Basics of HTML & CSS 2.Basics of Visual Studio 3.Deploying the project in GitHub. 4.Build a Basic Portfolio Project.

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