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Think of a profession where you don’t have to follow a fixed 9-5 schedule; where you play games for 12-14 hours a day, and get paid attractive figures. You guessed that right. 


A career in gaming is now a reality! You can become a pro-gamer; take part in national and international championships and play for your country. What’s not to love? But hey, there is something you must know- you have to be fantastic at this!


In recent times we have seen an exponential growth in the gaming industry, it has become so big that more than 50 percent of the population of the whole planet is interested in gaming.



Frankly, a career in gaming is not for everyone. Not if you want a steady salary or fixed working hours. But it is for those who have a knack in gaming, knowledge of the technical know-how, and are aware of the demands of this unconventional career.


To become a professional gamer, you must hone your skills in one game. This gives you an edge and clarity on which game do you want to acquire mastery at.


The few most trending games in India for the competitive scenario are:

PC Gaming Industry: 

  1. Valorant
  2. Apex legends
  3. Call of Duty
  4. Rocket league…etc.,                                                                                                                                            


Phone Gaming Industry:

  1. Battlegrounds Mobile India (earlier PUBG)
  2. Call of Duty
  3. Apex legends (upcoming)
  4. Free-fire…etc.,

But, if someone is not good at professional level gaming there are many other careers too in this industry for example,

  1. Game Animator
  2. Game Producer
  3. Audio Engineer
  4. Game Designer
  5. Game Programmer
  6. Games Artist…etc.,

To conclude, A career in gaming is the most opted career choice for youngsters as it is an industry that offers immense scope for the players. Moreover, if you want to pursue a game designing course after 12th, then you can refer to the above national and international universities offering the best gaming courses. After a game designing course at graduation, you can work in various different fields. There is no easy path to get into the gaming industry, it’s a world full of hardcore and professional gamers coming together to make better and bigger games for everyone. Therefore, if you still have doubts and want to get help from career experts for guidance and counseling the scope of a career in gaming, then now is the best time to gear up and get rolling.



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