Many of you may have seen or read about the new macs introduced by apple in which they used the processor namely M1. This highly efficient CPU is based on the x86 CPU platform over ARM.

So, for those of you not familiar with what is ARM, so basically ARM is the company who designs processors for the other bigger manufacturers which use its design for efficiently making their processors. This technology is currently new to the laptop/pc industry but, this is what QUALCOMM, Samsung, apple and few other manufacturers are using for years in the smartphone industry which by the way is getting at par with entry level PCs in terms of performance.



But, none of this explains why ARM can be the future, what does; is how efficiently the processors works which are based on their design, since it’s already booming in the smartphone industry therefore, we’ll not talk about that. Now in the pc market it is important to note that many pc buyers want performance but at the same time, there is a larger category of people across the globe who want a pc or a laptop which gives them better battery life or a pc which uses lesser TDP so that they could fit the electricity bill into their budget, etc. The traditional CPUs which exist today are from the only two market leading tech giants AMD and INTEL the CPUs are high on performance surely but are not fully efficient as they use higher TDP to work on and need good amount of cooling as they get as high as 90o C also, with all this attached it takes up good amount of space in the system but on the other side of the spectrum the ARM CPUs work on lesser TDP still needs cooling but lesser than the conventional CPUs also since ARM design is somewhat compact therefore, it can in cooperate a better integrated GPU which brings us to the power hungry category I.e., gaming, here the AMDs and Intel CPUs are rocking from a very long time. In this category as the experts say that ARM is not “yet” at par with these CPUs there is another aspect, if you are a tech enthusiast like me you must have heard of NVidia the biggest GPU manufacturer is planning to buy ARM, if this happens then these CPUs will surely rock the industry as there is no such CPU in the market which has an integrated GPU as powerful as this stuff at least on paper and this collaboration may take a hit on both the companies but can surely work.



Now there is also another aspect of ARM being the future I.e., server systems of companies which use a CPU which has higher no. Of cores and threads but doesn’t need as much power as gaming rigs need, in this industry AMD is on the top because not only it has great CPUs but also its cheaper than the competition and since making of arm architecture CPUs is much efficient so the CPUs can be even cheaper but if we see this industry, I still believe traditional CPUs will last long here and are in some cases better too.

So, to conclude I will say that for sure traditional CPUs are powerful but there is a great scope for ARM based CPUs as well and in some aspects it can lead too.



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