“Brushing the right way”

Brushing, the tiniest and the most important part of our routine hygiene procedures. We are so used to this little act of brushing that we can even perform it subconsciously, while simultaneously performing other tasks such as making your morning coffee or a walk in your balcony. But even simple brushing is a technique made up of several steps, which are to be followed in a systematic order. In fact, the technique or the style of brushing is more important than the type of toothpaste used, in determining our oral health. 


There are several different types of brushing techniques, out of which, the most commonly recommended one for daily use, also known as the Modified Bass Technique, involves 5 different steps of brushing followed by tongue cleaning and flossing, to ensure complete cleaning of the oral cavity.



Apart from the technique of brushing, there are a few do’s and don’ts to be taken care of.


                  Do’s                                                                                                               Don’ts

  1. Brush twice daily, 2 minutes each time                                   1.    Do not brush in horizontal or vertical

          followed by flossing for 1 minute at night.                                             motions.

      2. Change your toothbrush after every 2                                              2.    Do not brush with twigs, dental powder or

          Months.                                                                                                    hard bristle brush.

      3. Make sure to use a soft or ultra-soft                                                 3.  Do not brush your gums.

    bristle brush.                                                                                           4. Do not apply extra force while


      4. Clean your tongue too                                                                       5. Use gentle motions to not damage your

      5. Use a mouthwash 20 minutes after brushing.                                        teeth.

          Do not eat or drink anything for 20 minutes

          after using your mouthwash.



 By – Dr. Shivani Dattani

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